Oct 1950 Bussho-Gonenkai is founded Kaichi Sekiguchi becomes the first president
Feb 1951 The annual Ise Shrine worship begins
Jul 1951 The annual Mt.Minobu pilgrimage begins
Jan 1953 The main assembly hall (The headquartes) is built
Oct 1954 Aomori Church opens
Dec 1958 Utsunomiya Church opens
Aug 1960 The Young Adult Division is organized
Apr 1961 Kaichi Sekiguchi passes away Tomino Sekiguchi becomes the second president
May 1962 The Mt.Shichimen pilgrimage begins
Nov 1966 Hakodate assembly hall (Hakodate Church) opens
Apr 1967 The student section is organized
Nov 1967 Iwate Church opens
Jul 1970 Nikko Youth-House is inaugurated
Aug 1970 Akita Church opens
Nov 1971 Oita Church opens
Nov 1972 Hirosaki assembly hall (Hirosaki Church) opens
Mar 1976 Miyagi Church opens
Dec 1982 Takanawa Youth-Center opens
Mar 1986 Taiwan assembly hall (Taiwan Church) opens
Sep 1990 Fukuoka Church opens
Nov 1990 Tomino Sekiguchi passes away Noritaka Sekiguchi becomes the third president
Dec 1994 Kamiya-cho memorial hall is inaugurated
Jul 1999 Miyazaki Church opens
Oct 2000 Bussho-Gonenkai celebrates 50th anniversary
Mar 2001 Takanawa Shutokujuku (Student dormitory) is inaugurated
Nov 2002 Kansai Church opens
Oct 2005 Mt.Shichimen pilgrimage
Oct 2005 Bussho-Gonenkai celebrates 55th anniversary
Apr 2007 Niigata Church opens
Dec 2008 Yoshikazu Sekiguchi becomes the chief representative
Oct 2010 Bussho-Gonenkai celebrates 60th anniversary
Dec 2011 Sapporo Church opens
Sep 2012 Thai Office opens
Oct 2014 New Annex is inaugurated at Taiwan Church
Oct 2014 Noritaka Sekiguchi passes away
Nov 2014 Yoshikazu Sekiguchi becomes the fourth president
Oct 2015 Bussho-Gonenkai celebrates 65th anniversary
Apr 2017 Lodging house #1 of the head quarter renewal opens
Jul 2018 Statue of Kaichi Sekiguchi (the First President of BGK) reformed
Feb 2020 The New head quarter building is inaugurated
Oct 2020 Bussho-Gonenkai celebrates 70th anniversary