Creed / Epitaph


  1. We shall follow the teachings of the Headquarters Church, walk in the path of enlightenment with single-hearted devotion, and constantly strengthen our character.
  2. We shall not engage in any sort of monetary loans among members, nor exchange monetary gifts or indulge in unnecessary entertainment.
  3. We shall strive earnestly with grateful hearts, refraining ourselves from dissatisfaction, complaints, pettiness, and gossip.
  4. The harmony of the home begins with the exchange of daily greetings among family members every morning and evening.
  5. We shall not mislead others that faith can cure illness and bring prosperity.


It was in the Lotus Sutra that the Buddha taught the truth of heaven and earth and of the great way of nature.

When mankind, the supreme form of life, honors the gods, reveres the Buddha, prays for the ancestors, and corrects their evil habits, then they will be protected by the Buddhas.

If Buddhism is the teaching to save the world and mankind, it must begin in our homes. Has any age in the past been truly saved by Buddhism?

If we should preach the doctrine for material gain, it is not in accord with the teachings of the Buddha. The time has come when this great teaching is to be practiced and taught by the Laymen. The spiritual powers of the Buddhas are known only by us.

Praying for the establishment of Bussho-Gonen, the teaching which realizes the full protection of the Buddhas.


Bussho-Gonenkai Church
Tomino Sekiguchi