Membership & Activities


The organization is maintained solely through monthly membership fees, which is currently 300 yen (3 dollars in the US) per household. We do not accept any donations or offerings from anyone. Bussho-Gonenkai is strictly not involved in any type of commercial activities. The more experienced members support new members so that they can better understand the teachings of Bussho-Gonenkai.


Twice a month, on the 8th and fourth Sunday, assembly is held for all members of Bussho-Gonenkai at the Headquarters’ Main Assembly Hall. President Sekiguchi preaches the teachings of the Lotus Sutra and teaches us how to practice it correctly. There is also an assembly every third Sunday of the month for the Young Adult Division and a separate one for the Student Division. The Mt. Minobu pilgrimage takes place every year from May to July. Mt. Minobu is the sacred place where St. Nichiren, the Buddhist monk who spread the Lotus Sutra in Japan for the well being of the country and its people, trained his mind and soul during his final 9 years. St. Nichiren was the first person in Japan to use the chant NA MU MYOU HOU REN GE KYOU. As his successors, we trace his path in this yearly pilgrimage. We learn from his spirit, and express our gratitude for his effort for spreading the Lotus Sutra. The Ise Shrine worship takes place at the beginning of every year. Japan’s guardian gods are enshrined at Ise. St. Nichiren visited Ise before he spread the teaching of the Lotus Sutra in Japan. Following in his footsteps, we visit Ise to pray for world peace, the well being of our country and to vow to spread this faith. We hold summer camps every year from July to August for the student members. Surrounded by nature the students enjoy various group activities. They not only learn proper attitude, but also experience the wonders of this faith. Members from the United States and Taiwan have recently been participating in these camps to deepen their understandings of the teachings of Bussho-Gonenkai.