The Young Adult Division and the Student Division

The Young Adult Division guides young members, who are under 40 years old after graduating from school, to become our successors as well as leaders of our society. Through various activities, they advance themselves and deepen their understanding of the teaching. We also have the student section where members can learn the basics of the teaching, while enjoying various activities with those of the same generation. In 2011, the student section became independent as the Student Division. Moreover, along with the third President’s strong will, Takanawa Shutoku-juku Dormitory was established in March 2001. This is a dormitory which accommodates up to 52 undergraduate or graduate students, who not only concentrate on their schoolwork, but also practice the teaching in their daily life. Student members from abroad who wish to study in Japan while learning about Bussho-Gonenkai are also welcome to apply. If you would be interested in applying for Takanawa Shutoku-juku Dormitory, please do not hesitate to send an e-mail to the address below :